Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blogging is still a thing.....right?

It's been a year long break, and it's been nice.

But I realized I still like looking back and remembering things I had previously blogged about.  So for the sake of memories, I'm back.  :)

I try to jot down things I hope to never forget and this is certainly one of them.

Matt had a work conference in Park City and afterwards they went dirt biking as a group.  Throughout the afternoon, it started raining which turned Matt's clothes into a muddy mess.  He decided to spare our car seats of the mud and drive home in just his underwear.  In the process of undressing, he left his wallet on the top of the car.  You know what happens next.....Matt drives away, wallet opens up, credit cards fly all over the road and Matt scrambles to pick to pick them all up darting in and out of cars.

Fortunately, his friend was in the car behind him and was able to snap a picture.  Lucky us.


  1. I am still ROFL whenever I think about this. Its nice to finally have a picture to see!!!!

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  3. Shelley just read this again......and laughed some more!!!